WE SHIP WORLDWIDE within 3/7 business days

WE SHIP WORLDWIDE within 3/7 business days



Order Status Meaning


What does my order status mean?
-Sucess (your order and payment was sucefully received)
-Printing (order is in printing process)
-Production (your order is on final production process)
-Waiting for your reply (please check your email. we are waiting for your reply in order to be able to fill your order)
-Shipped (order shipped)
-Finalized (your order was finalized)
-Delivery Failed (an attempt was made to deliver your parcel, please contact your country carrier)
-Pending (your order has been received, but your payment has not yet been processed)
-Denied (please contact your bank or card issuer to find out the specific reason)
-Canceled (please contact us for further information)
-Returned (Your order was returned to us, please contact us)
-Abandoned (you have not completed the order)

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